A Beautiful Picture Worthy Cafe In JB – The Replacement(Lodge & Kitchen)

drive to eat
definition: to get to those out-of-the-way places with your car just for food

Situated in the hipster neighbourhood of Jalan Dhoby in Johor Bahru, The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen is a chill cafe and a boutique hostel.

Opening its doors in 2015, The Replacement Lodge & Kitchen quickly gained popularity for its picture-worthy premises, modern fusion European brunch dishes and relaxing atmosphere.The cafe offers a modern fusion of European dishes and focusing mainly on brunch and desserts. Their dishes are creatively put together and named.

One of the unique dish they offer is the Soft shell crab bao with fries – RM 29.90( SGD $10). The fluffy and soft panseared homemade bao sandwhiches a crispy yet savoury meaty soft shell crab, dressed with a sweet chili aioli. Completed with a fresh salad dressed with lemon juice. Served along with a mild wasabi mayonnaise and some thick cut fries.

The house made churros ranging from RM $14.90 – $16.90 ( SGD $4 – $6) resemble the traditional spanish doughnuts. Long , slightly crisp on the outside, soft on the inside and warm in texture. Dusted in a light coat of cinnamon sugar. These delicious treats are paired along with dips such nutella,dark chocolate,salted egg yolk and salted caramel.

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Location & Parking

Parking is available outside the cafe however it’s recommended for you to park at city square mall.

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