Play Soccer While Encased In Body-Sized Inflatable Bubbles!

drive to play
definition: to get to those ulu places via your car for some healthy play

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is an international craze that has reached Singapore’s shores. It is played like any five-a-side soccer and follows the rules of soccer loosely.

Players are encased in zorb-like inflatable bubbles, which covers the player’s upper body and head that will not only protect them but also test their physical endurance.

Bubble Soccer In ActionSoccer lovers will find Bubble Soccer a fun variation on the game they love, pushing them to develop new Bubble Soccer strategies for scoring.

Players who have never played soccer before can enjoy a Bubble Soccer game that is a combination of bumping, colliding, flipping and laughing. This makes for an entertaining session of watching your friends or family members get knocked over!

It’s the only Bubble Soccer sport that’s just as fun to watch as it is to play. Bubble Soccer gets everyone laughing and break tensions in a positive, enjoyable way!

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