Bukit Tinggi – Fraser’s Hill (Road Trip)

drive to drive
definition: to take road trips for the pure joy of driving & exploring

Bukit Tinggi - Colmar Tropicale

If you want a road trip that travels up to higher altitudes, then this is the one for you. First stop is Bukit Tinggi, where Colmar Tropicale is located. Colmar Tropicale is a French styled area with several hotels, restaurants and shops. The backdrop of the French village makes a beautiful backdrop for photos. There is also a Japanese village with a botanic garden and a rabbit park.

Fraser's HillMoving upwards to Fraser’s Hill, there will be more nature-based activities such as archery and horse-riding in The Paddock. There are also several trails to explore by foot, like the Bishop Trail, Hemmant Trail, and Jeriau Waterfall.

Distance: Approximately 144km

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