‘Changlun – Kuala Perlis’ Road Trip

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Changlun also known as changlon is a small town in Kedah, it is located in the Kubang Pasu District. Changlun is also situated near the Thailand-Malaysia border therefore, it is also a destination where travelers going away to Thailand stop to perform currency exchange and get some rest.

‘MnM Home Whimsical Houses’

The colorfully painted MnM Home Whimsical Houses at Kampung Changkat Setol located near Changlun in northern Kedah have been the brainchild of former UUM lecturer Prof Dr Mahamad Tayib and his two daughters.

The 1-acre themed attraction boasts the country’s first 20-meter tall double-store Slanting House and three other whimsical structures.

Tilted at 15 degrees, the Slanting House is actually a cafe.

MnM also features a green color Upside Down House, a 3-meter tall Hobbit’s House and a Honey Bee House where visitors will be surrounded by non-invasive bees.

Kuala Perlis 

Kuala Perlis is the second largest town and the main port of Perlis in Malaysia. It is in the extreme northwest of Peninsular Malaysia, near the border with Thailand. The major activity found here is fishing and many superb seafood restaurants. Not only is seafood fresh in Perlis, but it is relatively cheaper than it is in the capital city.

Distance travelled: 38.2 km

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