Grab A Plate Of Flavorsome Roasted Duck- Restoran Ya Wang

Drive to eat
definition: to get to those out-of-the-way places with your car just for food

With a humongous duck icon as its signature signboard, Restoran Ya Wang is easily spotted by passerby. Situated in Jalan Segget and located just 6 to 8 mins away from City Square shopping mall, this air condition restaurant is well known for their herbal duck recipe.

Restoran Ya Wang has a phenomenal history of having established for over 20 years, while being the consultant for Singapore’s renowned Chinese restaurant “Dian Xiao Er”.

Serving as a Chinese restaurant, their specialty duck dishes are the key highlight on the menu that ranges from all the various kinds that you can possibly think of.

Try their signature herbal roasted duck(small)  – RM $30 (SGD $10). The duck meat and skin are lean, soft and crispy and not to forget the herbal gravy, it is subtle and comforting.

If the roasted duck is not enough to fill your stomachs, you can go for Zi Char and double-boiled soups too. There are set meals catered to different group sizes as well.

All prices and dishes are stated on the whiteboard and attached to the wall.

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 Location & Parking

Parking is available outside the restaurant however, it might be chargeable.

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