An Old-School Restaurant With A Queue That Never Ends – Kam Long Curry Fish Head

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Kam Long Curry Fish Head

Kam Long Curry Fish Head is an old-school kopitiam eatery located at Jalan Wong Ah Fook, just a few blocks away from Johor Bahru City Square. It has been in business for over 30 years serving only one thing – their famous curry fish head.

After you’ve placed an order, a fish head is placed in a claypot filled with beancurd skin, lady’s finger, tomatoes and cabbage. Their signature curry is then poured into the claypot and then cooked over a fire.

Kam Long Curry Fish Head Claypot

You can choose to add extra vegetables, beancurd skin or rice. You can also choose to ask for fish tail if you are ordering a bigger share.

What People Say

“The tender flesh of the ang ko li (red snapper) came off the fork easily. The flesh is so soft, absorbing the curry flavours really well. The spices from the curry enhance the natural flavour of the head without overpowering it.”

“I can’t seem to put a finger to why it is so good, but it is that good. I actually would crave for this and come back to have this when I’m in JB the next time round!”

“love the curry…really shiok delicious…yum yum…i basically drank the curry. finished the 2 pots on my table”


“The curry soup tastes fantastic with its great fragrance from the spices also smooth-tasting from its milkiness, truly an enjoyable curry dish to consume.”

“This is probably one of those very few outstanding Chinese style of fish head curry, which has successfully unleash all of its scrumptious flavour, that I could not help but to fall in love with every spoonful of their curry!”






Location & Parking

Parking is available at nearby City Square Mall:

Kam Long Curry Fish Head - Parking

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