Stop For A Bowl Of Delicious Durian Chendol While You Shop For Authentic Local Delicacies – San Shu Gong

 drive to shop
definition: to get to those out-of-the-way places with your car for some retail therapy

San Shu Gong is a local delicacy shop located in Jonker Street, Melaka. You can find almost all sort of delicious local delicacies from dodol to pineapple tarts to chicken biscuits and much more.

Apart from those local delicacies, there’s a cafe called “Lao Qian Ice Cafe” located on the second level where customers could enjoy their dessert and coffee. The main reason why most people visit San Shu Gong is to enjoy a bowl of the best selling icy cold durian chendol.  It is the best place to visit especially on a hot sunny day.

With just the price of RM $5.80- less than SGD $2, the durian chendol consists of red beans,attap seeds, crushed iced, green rice flour jelly, gula melaka and lastly the key ingredient durian paste.

The unique presentation of the dessert comes in a shape of a durian made of cardboard and once you are done with the dessert, you can keep the cardboard as a souvenir.


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Open car park outside “Hotel Casa Del Rio” may be chargeable.


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