Whiskey and Ice and Everything Nice- Whiskey House Johor

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Whisky House is classy and a perfect place for an evening of cocktails and whiskys. A fantastic place to chill with a variety of over 300 whisky and cocktails selection in this opulent restaurant.

Whisky House Johor Bahru has also been recognized as the most successful bar in the Asia Pacific region with the largest number of Whiskey Ambassadors. The Whiskey Ambassador’s duty is to share information about whiskey with their customers so that every person will leave with whiskey knowledge.

At Whisky House, if you’re looking to just hang out with your best buds, they have a live band going on some evenings for cool beats. Or on days with important games, there are huge screens for you to catch your favourite games in HD live.

The whole establishment with a British-certified whiskey bar is not so easy. They will need to apply and invite Scotland whiskey experts over to train up their whiskey specialists. In addition, they also have to go through various taste and origin tests. The last challenge which all contestants need to go through is the “blindfold test” where they need to identify the whiskey’s taste and origins accurately.

What People Say

“Their award-winning Strawberry Caipiroska cocktail is da bomb. You can say that it’s a ladies’ drink, but really, it’s impossible for anyone not to enjoy this.”


Location & Parking

There are parking lots around the bar but may be chargeable.

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